Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Microfiction 9/13/10

The second installment in my microfiction experiment.  Let me know what you think...

"Shooter"  (Jon King)

“Target coming outside. White shirt. In front of the house,” says the spotter.

Check the drop. Check the wind. Blink. Blink.

“1-2-2-0 yards,” reports the spotter.

Thumb the safety. Deep breath. Exhale. Deep breath.

“Cleared to engage.”

Begin exhale…four…three…t-


“Target is down.”

Chaos 1220 yards away. Spanish curses and conflicting orders. A lamenting widow runs from the house.

Safety on. Bipod folded. Rifle covered. Spotter up, and checking egress.

1220 yards away, shots are fired at the jungle. A few bullets sing past, but they have no chance. They are already gone…the extraction chopper awaits.

Another day in Mexico.

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  1. I like these quite a bit. I'd never have thought to try writing a story in 100 words, but they actually end up being more thought provoking than other stories because they leave so much to the reader to ponder. It's a nice change of pace from writers who like to micromanage their stories instead.

    I also think this speaks to the way our society is moving. It's about instant gratification and multi-tasking these days. People don't always want to take the time to sit and focus on hundreds of pages of explicit detail - or carry around a book for that matter. But a quick story that provokes the imagination, can be read easily on any mobile device and can stew while doing other things is a rather intriguing change of pace in storytelling.

  2. That's a good point about the instant gratification--and it applies to writing them, too. It takes a little while to hone them in, but only a few minutes to write the draft.

    It's a fascinating way to let your mind wander to various subjects. And the delivery is almost like free-verse poetry at times, though that's not really the intent.

    Thanks for the comment.