Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Microfiction 9/20/10

For the uninitiated, microfiction = short story, exactly 100 words.  This is a weekly feature.  Enjoy.

"Curbside"  (Jon King)

“I’m sorry, Jeremy.  It has to end.”
“I know.”
“It was good at first, but I can’t be boxed in like this.”
“I could sense that.”
“Matt is going to be better for me.”
“Likely so.”
“Good bye, Jeremy.”
She walked around to the driver’s door, the skin-tight pants making him hate himself more with every step she took. 
As he stood on the curb, watching the tail lights of the old VW fade, he replayed their last conversation, and regretted the thing he hadn’t said.
Sighing, he turned and walked back into the gym.  His next client was waiting.

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