Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Microfiction 9/27/10

For the uninitiated, microfiction = short story, exactly 100 words.  This is a weekly feature.  Enjoy.
"The Alley"  (Jon King), 9/27/10

 She turned finally into the alley, the echoing of her stiletto heels in the darkness making her wish she’d dressed casually.  Gooseflesh prickled over her arms and bare shoulders, the cocktail dress another regrettable mistake.

Ten gunshot steps into the alley, she heard a rustle to her right.

“Hello?  Who’s there?” she called quietly.

No one answered.

She began walking again, more slowly.

Another sound behind and to her left.  She turned around.

“Couldn’t ssstay away…?”

Soft breath on her neck.

“No, I…”

“They always come back for more…”

New gooseflesh arose as the claw drew tenderly across her collarbone.

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