Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monday Microfiction 10/18/10

Sorry about the week's hiatus...Muse tickets last week.  But hey, this one's actually a day early!

For newbies, microfiction is a form of extremely short story, in this case defined as exactly 100 words (not counting title).  I try to post one every week, and I'm always open to submissions from readers who might want to try their hand.  Enjoy!

"Fair Trade"  (Jon King)

Robert felt exposed in his red coat against the snowy glade in which he stood.  This was the meeting place, though, so he would stand fast.

“Hey, Redcoat!” came a hoarse whisper from the brush.

“Aye, Yank,” whispered Robert in reply.  Never names.

“You have it?”

“Aye, if you’ve got information?”

“Washington crosses at Trenton tomorrow night.”

“On Christmas?  In this weather?  You’re mad!”

“Think what you like, bloodyback, but that’s the line.  Where is it?”

Sighing, Robert tossed the packet into the brush.

“Two pounds of sugar, as usual.”

 He shook his head at the waste of good sugar.

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