Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Microfiction 10/25/10

Microfiction (on this site, anyway) is a short story, exactly 100 words.  Check back every Monday.

This installment should help you enjoy working late the week before Halloween.

After Hours  (Jon King)
Carl sat at his desk, watching the carpeted lights of the suburbs recede into the horizon.  After fourteen hours, he was no good to anyone.  Time to pack it in.
Suddenly, a clatter in the hallway.  Probably Raul the night janitor, obsessing over the shine of the floor tiles.
But then a much louder crash, followed by a spattering, splashing sound.
Carl stepped into the dim hall, and slipped in the gory mess that had once been the fastidious janitor.
He stared at the towering thing standing before him, shreds of a tie still around its neck.
“My God…Harris?”

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