Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Microfiction 10/4/10

A brand new microfiction.   Exactly 100 words of story for you to chew on.

"I Know"  (Jon King), 10/4/10

 The doctor dragged himself free of the wreckage.  His survival was miraculous, though the state discouraged belief in such things.

Looking down the scar left in the steppe, he saw with some astonishment that he was not alone.  Among the scattered debris, and bodies, someone was limping towards him.

“Vasily!” he called out, quickly covering the distance.

“Gregor,” Vasily grunted in obvious pain.

“Your leg—my God, man!  I’ll get my kit and…”

“Gregor, I know about you and Ludmila.”  The cock of a pistol.

The doctor gaped.

“If you shoot me, you’ll die out here.”

“Yes.  And at peace.”

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