Sunday, November 28, 2010

Microfiction 11/28/10 "Reunion"

After an eternity, I've finally gone back to writing extremely short fiction (when stories are 100 words long, then a month is an eternity).  As with the other features I've been deformalizing the last few weeks, I'll be posting them somewhat randomly, rather than enslaving myself to Monday. 

I'm also going to try some longer form fiction from time to time.  Basically anything in the 1000-1500 word range can be posted all at once...if it's longer I'll probably break it up serially.  You know, to keep you coming back.

Reunion (Jon King)

Joseph tensed as the figure stepped silently from the trees 30 feet away.  He was about 20, dressed in the usual manner of the Huron, leggings and topknot,  tomahawk in his belt.  He was not painted for war, which did nothing to lessen his dangerous air.
As the Huron walked toward him, Joseph shifted his grip on his hoe.  I won’t be an easy scalp, if that’s his game.
But when the Huron stopped in front of him, Joseph gasped and dropped the hoe. 
The pained eyes were blue as the midday sky.  His wife’s eyes.
“Hello, Father.  I’m sorry.”

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