Sunday, December 12, 2010

Microfiction 12/12/10 "Preparation"

I think I've found a muse with this character.  One of my personal goals when I started writing micros was to generate story seeds for longer fiction, maybe a piece of bigger flash fiction or a regulation-length short story.  Or, dare I say, a novel someday.  I'm actually very proud of this particular story, the basis of which came to me while listening to a song by Goth-rock band Within Temptation (and there you have a small glimpse into my creative process...)  I see a lot of potential for the character, and I've already sketched out several more story arcs.  Now all she needs is a name...

Preparation  (Jon King)

She gently smoothed the fletching on the final arrow with the tips of her fingers, caressing the feathers into place.  The shaft slid into the fur-lined quiver without a whisper, settling next to its sisters.  When worn across her back, the quiver was contoured to allow a single nock to be grasped and placed on the string for rapid fire. 
Tomorrow, with the Gods’ favor, she would need but this one. 
She thought again of the Master’s words.
“While he lives, our way dies.”
She wept quietly at the thought of her husband’s death.  But she would honor the Way.

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