Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Archeress, Part 5

I did say I had stuff ready to roll out, didn't I? 

If you've forgotten, "The Archeress" is a little microfiction serial story I'm gradually scratching out.  Each installment is exactly 100 words, not counting title and this blather you're reading at the moment.  "Stirrings" is Part 5.  If you need a primer (or a refresher), the first 4 parts are linked at the bottom.

Stirrings  (Part Five of The Archeress)
A rising buzz could now be heard in the arena.  The entrance tunnels were beginning to disgorge the earliest arrivals—those staunchest of his followers desperate for a front row position.  She acknowledged this without opening her eyes, reluctant to exit  hard-won meditation for such vermin. 
Sighing, she opened her eyes a fraction, and looked to the dais rising above the swelling crowd.  Guards stationed in front held the crowd back a minimum distance from the stage, to better protect the great orator who would address them.
That distance was of no consequence to her.  And no guards looked up.

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