Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Archeress, Part 7

These are going to start showing up faster...I'm getting toward the end, and she's talking to me again!
Decision  (Part 7 of The Archeress)
“My friends, we cannot continue this way!  We must look to new ideas, new people.  The old Masters were a vital part of our history…but that is where they must stay.
“You all know of my connections to the Way…my love of the honored traditions.  But they simply CANNOT help us in this new time of crisis!  We must discard the Masters, discard the Mantras, discard the servants of the Way…and make our own way forward!”
The crowd burst from hushed anticipation to thunderous applause.
Her eyes filled with tears as she pulled the bow string taut.
“Goodbye, my love…”

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