Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Archeress, Parts 8, 9

A double feature tonight!  There's finally going to be some movement to this story, and I promise the finish is near.  Two microcfictions, one click.

Discovery  (Part 8 of The Archeress)
Exhaling slowly, she released the bow string.  The arrow flew true, on the breath of the Gods.  She closed her eyes in silent grief as the bolt sped over the heads of the crowd, the welled tears wetting her cheeks. 
Then she felt it—the wind wavered.  She would never have felt it had she not shut out her sense of sight for an instant.  The Gods had abandoned her.
The arrow took him in the chest, but off target.  As he fell, she knew horror as his eyes followed the shaft to its origin.  And they locked with hers.

Egress  (Part 9 of The Archeress)
She stood, frozen, an instant too long.  He collapsed to the stage, the crowd’s applause changing to screams.  One of the stage guards looked up…and saw her. 
Barked orders could be heard as she turned to the hatch, slinging her bow over her back.  As she opened the hatch, a shaft of daylight burst into her hiding place, further exposing her position.
She was startled by this.  Had she forgotten to close the outer door on the rooftop cupola covering the hatch?
Boots thumping on the ladder broke her thoughts.  She leaped through the hatch, and closed it behind her.

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