Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Archeress, Part 16

Confrontation (Part 16 of The Archeress)

“Master, an attack at the Sight Tower!”  The aide spoke with urgency, but not panic.  “Two guards down, and the roof is ablaze.”

“A massed attack?” the Master asked, without opening his eyes.
“No, Master, much too sudden.  There was no warning.”
“Clever girl…” the Master sighed.
“Apologies, Master, but wha-?”  His words were cut off by the arrow protruding from his mouth, pinning him to the door.
“Thank you for the compliment, Master.  But you underestimated me nonetheless.”  His eyes opened finally.  She was silhouetted in the window, bow in hand.
“You will never leave alive, child.”
“More underestimation.”
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