Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Archeress, Part 20

Absolution (Conclusion of The Archeress)

As the door clicked shut, his eyes fluttered open.

“Here to finish your Master’s chore?” he asked.
She winced.
“ Here to see if you’re okay.”
“I’m not yet dead.  My guards?”
“Unconscious, but unharmed.”
“Not like those men on the roof?”
“An unfortunate necessity.  My clean escape was sabotaged.  Now the Master is dead.”
He searched her face, looking for a lie.
“You’ve never been one for subtlety, have you?”
“I’m sorry, Rhyne.  I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but you deserve the truth.”
He sighed.  “Aila, war is coming.  What will you do?”
“Whatever I have to.  Goodbye, love.”
-The End

So this is it.  If I was into pretentious bullshit I'd have written "Fin" at the bottom.  If I was into lame Hollywood bullshit, I'd have written "The Beginning..." at the bottom (more on that below).  I'm not really into either, but I did go with a simple "The End," even though that really isn't in vogue for fiction any more.  I still think it's important to cap a story, formally.

I hope everyone enjoyed my first real attempt at longer-form fiction.  I'm happy with the story arc overall, but there are always things you look back on and wish were better.  Obviously the 100-word limit I set myself to was a bit constrictive at times.  Of course it was meant to be, and it helped immensely to focus my writing on the task at hand (unlike the shambling path most of my outbursts in this space take, like this), but it seems to have led to some pretty terse dialogue at times, as well as some pretty vague descriptions of people and places.  That's unfortunate, but I didn't mean to completely expose the world Aila lives in with this work.  I mostly was just trying to figure out who she is, what is important to her, what she's good at (that was pretty clear, I think), why she does it.  The world sort of built itself around her, and even though we've seen only a tiny fraction of it, a lot more lies just out of sight of the necessarily tight lens the microfiction format lets us view.

I intend to fix that, though.  I know enough about her now that I'm going to expand it to a book.  It may take me forever (hell, it took a year to write this, and it's only 2000 words), but a novel will result.  In the meantime, I'm going to get my feet wet in the world of indie publishing...with this one.  The format is impossible from a traditional publishing standpoint, but an e-book sold on Amazon and Smashwords?  That can be accomplished.  I'm doing some research, but if anybody reading this has some inside knowledge they'd like to share, I'm all ears.  I'd also like to illustrate it, but since I don't do that, I'm also in the market for a good illustrator.  Contact me at the email address in my profile...we'll talk.

Thanks for reading, and don't hold back now with your thoughts.  Comments, criticism, compliments (I love compliments...), I'd like to hear what you think.  If there's one thing that all writers need, it's to know that someone is paying attention to their work.  Well, that and compliments. 
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