Monday, August 23, 2010

Scavenging the Carcass of a TV Phenomenon

A few months ago, right about the time Lost was wrapping up its final season, it was announced that ABC would be auctioning off hundreds of props from the show to bidders via internet, phone, and fax (not sure how that last one worked out).  This was the big chance for Lostophiles with disposable income all over the world to bid on pieces of random detritus from the 6 seasons of the show.  Enthusiasm seemed high at the time, but I guess I had a hard time believing they could get anything for Jack's Season 1 backpack or a box of Dharma-brand red wine.

Woe be upon me, the disbeliever.  The auction was this past weekend, and while the prices fetched are in some cases still a little speculative (it was difficult to keep track of the sheer number of lots), the consensus is that Lost fans have a stupid amount of money that they could comfortably light on fire.

Some highlights:
12-pack of Dharma beer - $4,500 (it's full, so there's your emergency stash)
1977 Dharma group photo - $7,000
Locke's Ajira Coffin Crate - $3,000
Crazy Claire's Squirrel Skull Baby - $2,750 (hope it was deloused)
Pierre Chang White Lab Coat - $2,500 (this would be kind of awesome, actually)
Hurley's "Empire Strikes Back" Script - $4,250
Bunch of Dharma Supplies (Apollo bars, baby!) - $3,000

And the biggest tickets:  Faraday's Journal and the Lighthouse Number Wheel went for a cool $27,500 each, and the highest successful bid was the winner for the Dharma VW van from Season 4, at $47,500!

The full list of items available is catalogued here, and a partial list of the big tickets is here.

Even a pair of Sawyer's standard-issue white boxers went for $850.  Apparently Kate couldn't decide whether she wanted those or Jack's bloody death costume, and just sort of alternated bids on both, driving the price up and everyone crazy in the process...and then bought neither.

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