Friday, April 8, 2011

The Archeress, Part 4

As she approaches a moment of truth, she experiences an unusual feeling...doubt.

Patience (Part Four of The Archeress)

She was normally able to pass the inevitable waiting time during a mission by thinking about the details of the work to be done, or with the mantras of the Way. 
Tonight, though, was not a normal mission, and she was unable to fold gently into the meditation.  Her thoughts strayed constantly (and dangerously) to him, and the waypoints of their life together. 
The rainy day they’d met.
The surprise party he’d thrown for her when she’d passed the Trials.
Their wedding day.
Their final argument.
It would end in a few hours’ time, but the tormenting thoughts would not.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tom Hanks IS Michael Caine...

The best five minutes of the Elton John episode of SNL, and it has nothing to do with Elton John.  Stay with it through the ad...Hulu is much more reliable about these things than YouTube.

Revel in the glory of make-believe Michael Caine's contempt for make-believe Ringo Starr.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Always Take Kids Seriously...

I love Letters of Note.  Every time I read one of the little pieces of verbal history on their site, there's the possibility that I will be awed, or simply start blubbering to myself.

This one is from a kid in the UK in 1973 who was asking some advice from his favorite TV show characters.  I've never seen "Blue Peter" but I gather it's something on the order of Sesame Street here in the States.  This is a great example of adults taking what a kid is saying at face value, and supporting him rather than giving him a chuckling pat on the head.  In the words of the letter-writer himself, if the response he got "had shown any hint of ridicule or disbelief I might perhaps never have trained to become a medical scientist or been driven to achieve the impossible dream, and really make a difference to a human being's life. I remember being thrilled at the time to have been taken seriously. Actually, even nowadays I am thrilled when people take my ideas seriously."

Take a minute and read the link below.  It'll brighten your day.  And maybe make you listen more closely to what your kids are saying.