Saturday, April 2, 2011

Always Take Kids Seriously...

I love Letters of Note.  Every time I read one of the little pieces of verbal history on their site, there's the possibility that I will be awed, or simply start blubbering to myself.

This one is from a kid in the UK in 1973 who was asking some advice from his favorite TV show characters.  I've never seen "Blue Peter" but I gather it's something on the order of Sesame Street here in the States.  This is a great example of adults taking what a kid is saying at face value, and supporting him rather than giving him a chuckling pat on the head.  In the words of the letter-writer himself, if the response he got "had shown any hint of ridicule or disbelief I might perhaps never have trained to become a medical scientist or been driven to achieve the impossible dream, and really make a difference to a human being's life. I remember being thrilled at the time to have been taken seriously. Actually, even nowadays I am thrilled when people take my ideas seriously."

Take a minute and read the link below.  It'll brighten your day.  And maybe make you listen more closely to what your kids are saying.

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