Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cleaning a Little House

I see it's been a week, so I thought I'd just get a few things off my mind and on the virtual paper here.
-No new installment of The Archeress yet.  I have at least one more written, but I'm not yet sure if it's the "next" one.  Still thinking about what to do with that smoking guard...

-As you can see on the right side there, I've added a blog roll to the main page.  I'm going to be adding to it as I go, but it will certainly be a repository for the pages of authors who've been kind enough to let a hack like me review their life's work, along with a fairly random collection of webellania that I typically take in.  The newest I'm happy to say is the sailing blog of a close friend and fraternity brother, my2fish.  Even if you're not a sailor (and my single experience trying to sail proves that I most assuredly am not), check it out.  He's also perhaps the world's biggest Bill Murray fan.  He's saaaailllinnnnggg!  AHOY!

-I've got a book review ready to roll out, probably tomorrow.  It's actually very convenient timing to bring it out, since the author, an indie whose work I've really grown to enjoy, very recently reached the point that he can move to writing full time.  That's right, he's losing the day job.  That's the dream, baby, that's the dream.  Stay tuned for that.

-I'm also chewing on an idea for a short feature of pieces on my favorite authors.  It'll be sort of like reviewing my favorite books of all time, but I hesitate to call them reviews, since most of it will be gushing about them.  Sort of like my "Sit Down, We're Not Going Anywhere" series, but with books.  So far the list includes Crichton, Twain, Poe, and Diana Gabaldon (how's that for eclectic?) but I'm sure it will keep going from there.

That's about it at the moment.  I really do have stuff, but between the weather and the day job, blogging takes a back seat lately.  Later!

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