Sunday, September 26, 2010

Get Updates of JLOS Using an RSS Feed

A few people have asked me if there is an easy way to know when I add new content to the blog.  So far my primary means of syndication have been shares to Facebook which, considering I'm not a constant status-changer, means that is about all you see on my FB page any given day.  This can understandably get a little annoying. 

An easy way to find out when I post new stuff is to set up an RSS feed using your browser.  Just copy the following URL into your browser address line (or, you know, click it right now):

Depending on your browser of choice, you'll get a page with a link asking if you want to subscribe.  Click it, and you're there.  Best of all you can have it add a button to your favorites bar, which will show up bold when new content is present.

There are other RSS readers out there that I'm not as familiar with, but I think they can be set up to send you an email when it finds new content.  If anyone has luck with that, please let me know.

Thanks for reading!

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