Friday, September 3, 2010

OK, everybody! Follow me!

I know I'm only a few weeks into this nonsense, but it seems I already have quite a few loyal readers.  To those, I am very grateful.  I'm also happy to have anybody drop in, read a post, decide I'm a complete idiot, and leave.  They're all pageviews, man.

I'd like to ask a small favor of those of you who find yourselves here often.  See that "Followers" tab in the upper right corner of the screen?  If you click the button and register as a follower of the blog, it adds to my reader numbers, and comes with the benefit of streamlined updates when I post new material.  The process is pretty easy, and you have the option of using your existing account info from any other social media site you use (Google, Twitter, etc). 

So go ahead and follow me (see what I did there?), and let's make this tomfoolery a little higher-profile.


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