Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Priest" Looks Awesome...For Now

In the course of researching another topic on today, I ran across the trailer for "Priest," due out in 2011.  Apparently based on a comic book--sorry, "graphic novel"--it stars Paul Bettany as the titular character, a futuristic clergyman defying his order to rescue his niece from vampires.  Bettany has made a small niche for himself playing badass religious figures, from The Da Vinci Code to last year's Legion.  He also stars here alongside nerd favorites Karl Urban (LOTR, Star Trek) and Stephen Moyer.  It's possible this will end up being a disappointing cross between Judge Dredd and Waterworld, but at this point it's definitely early enough to think it looks good.   Trailer at IMDB is linked below:

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